The writing habit


It hasn’t been a good week for writing. Or indeed for anything other than cancellations. Three days’ work, one I-bet-it-was amazing show at the Bloomsbury Theatre with Robin Ince, Simon Munnery and other ace comedians and today’s first Pilates class all happened without me. Thanks again , norovirus.

One thing I have managed to do is stay upright long enough to start putting something on 750 words. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to get into a writing habit. I’d heard about the idea of ‘morning pages’ when I read Julia Cameron’s Book The Artist’s Way ages ago. These are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing done first thing in the morning.

I have masses of notebooks (aren’t they irresistable? What is the collective noun for notebooks? A debt of notebooks, for me, I reckon.) I also like writing longhand. But I’ve never managed to get into the habit.

The 750 words site is working for me so far (though certainly not first thing in the morning.) I like the way you’re told when you reach the word target and seeing lovely crosses on dates feels more of a motivator than filling pages. There are also animal badges…

I’ve signed up to a challenge to complete each day in February, with a self-selected reward and punishment publicly visible (though you don’t need to display your own name.) I also like the ‘analysis’ of your writing: mood, word frequency etc that’s pictured in the rather scrappy screenshot. Onwards.

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3 thoughts on “The writing habit

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