Facebook: To be or not to be

Yes, that’s the omnitalented Professor Brian Cox in the photo. It’s my Facebook profile picture and has been since I ambushed him after an Infinite Monkey Cage radio recording (but only as he was leaving the pub.)
Looking through my posts and pictures, much of my content is along the lines of ‘Look: I’m having a good time with friends/family/cats/ambushed tv physicists’. I realise it’s irrational of me to get bored and dismissive of the same type of thing from others and to resent feeling that I have to ‘like’ it.
I’ve been thinking of leaving Facebook for almost a year now and have been inspired by one of the people I think best ‘gets’ social media: Rob Dyson from Whizzkidz. Here are his thoughts on leaving Facebook.
It is tempting to say simply ‘what he said’: there are some interesting thoughts for professional communicators and I can write ‘ditto’ under almost all of his comments.
I’m on there mainly to keep an eye on my daughter, which I am sure is a futile exercise. And I’m an admin of the work Facebook page. I’ve noticed how views there have halved since recent changes.
The main reasons I haven’t yet left are laziness (copying all those photos etc) and worry. I worry that I will miss out on what is posted and, perhaps more tellingly, that no-one will realise that I have gone…
Have any of you jumped ship? I’d love to hear any views.

4 thoughts on “Facebook: To be or not to be

    1. Thanks, Mark. I also have the worry that (some) people will take offence: I’ll appear to be saying that I don’t want to hear/see about them. I think I will have to bite the bullet and use the freed-up time for staying in touch better IRL.

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