Jeri Johnson and the Tutorial of Death

What a terrific post: thanks, Louie. Wonderful illustrations. Gifted and talented you.

Stowell's Cosmology

I should begin by saying that I am not a Harry Potter fan – not a proper one. I’ve never bought a replica wand, or queued for the latest volume of the book. I read it first as an undergrad, so – at 19 or so – I was *far* too old and cynical to fall in love with it properly. But, at 35 I’m far less cynical, and much more in awe of JK Rowling as a writer. So when I found out she was going to be appearing as part of Exeter College’s 700th anniversary celebrations – my old college – I was pretty excited. By the time my wife (a genuine Potter fan) and I were in Oxford, queuing up outside the Sheldonian, it felt like a rock concert for nerds. We even got hand stamps.

Exeter College's crest. I am now trying to decide what Hogwarts house Exeter would be. Possibly Hufflepuff. Exeter College’s crest. I am now trying to decide what Hogwarts…

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