Celebrate International Sir Terry Pratchett Day!

‘Bugrit Millennium hand and shrimp!’ Love, admiration and all good wishes to wonderful Sir Terry.


Pratchett April 8th has been designated International Sir Terry Pratchett Day to celebrate the world-famous fantasy writer being Author of the Day at the London Book Fair.

To launch the day, authors from around the world will be asked to vote for their favourite character from one of his books – choosing from a list of Sir Terry’s Official Top 10 Favourites, which are:

             1.            Commander Vimes

2.            Death

3.            Granny Weatherwax

4.            Tiffany Aching

5.            Lord Vetinari

6.            The Librarian

7.            Nanny Ogg

8.            Rincewind

9.            The Nac Mac Feegle

10.          Willikins

Katie Webb, International Authors Forum, said: “Sir Terry Pratchett is a huge source of pride amongst the global author community. His innumerable achievements and dedication to his craft – unlocking imaginations, giving entertainment, education and wonder to so many – are testament to the value of the author in…

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