A paper paragraph

The_Paperbag_Prince_Colin_ThompsonThe clothes and books are decluttered. Now there’s paper, paper everywhere and all the (blog) posts did shrink. This tiny belated paragraph is just to note the passing of more than three decades of wage slips; cheque book stubs; credit card statements; receipts for baby products (for someone who willl be 18 in under a month); birthday, Christmas and a shop display variety of greetings cards … My friend’s industrial shredder is complaining but the worst cupboard is yet to come.

If anyone’s thinking of such a clear-out: it’s hard work but so well worth it. I see The Hazards of Too Much Stuff is one of the best read BBC features today. I know the subject strikes a chord with many but it’s quite a rigorous self-examination process.

The picture is from one of my daughter’s favourite book’s when she was small: The Paperbag Prince sifted through the valuable things others didn’t want any more.  Once the place is sorted, the tricky thing will be not to start over again. I don’t want to add to his load or waste resources any more.

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