Can’t write? Won’t write

the-beguiling-of-merlin-merlin-and-vivien-1874_jpg!BlogI spotted Weekly Blog Club early last year, rushed to join and then wrote nothing. This is a familiar pattern that I tell myself is the downside of being a perfectionist, choosing to do nothing rather than turn out something less than perfect. And that is, of course, for me, an excuse.

Weekly Blog Club is a wonderful idea: I’ve enjoyed reading posts via Twitter over 2012. I’ve thought about trying to join in again, realised I have about half an hour before the first deadline (I love deadlines) and have set up this blog. 

My day job over the next just-over-a-year is three days a week at Stepney City Farm, where I do manage most of the time to write all manner of content for publicity.  That’s the factual stuff.

I have a little over 50,000 words of an unfinished novel I wrote in November for NaNoWriMo and I want to get it written and edited during this year (the picture was the inspiration) , along with writing more short stories. So I am ignoring the screams of protest from myself about having an awful-looking, incomplete blog site and pressing ‘Finish’ now so that I can join you to write *catches breath*.

I’m hoping to contribute thoughts on writing fact and fiction (30 years in public sector and not-for-profit PR; just over six months in fiction.) I may end up posting pictures of the cats instead: please do shout at me if that happens too often.


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